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Anyone who enters your house or company has a clear first impression of driveway gates. You add to your home or commercial property added value. But the gates do something more than just look beautiful. You may increase the value in a variety of ways to a house or company. Here's a list of important reasons for adding an entrance gate to your house or company.

The automatic driveway gates come in numerous sizes, forms, styles, and colors, this enables them to add to the aesthetic value of every house or company. You can choose between single or double gates. You may even choose for swinging or slide gates.

Iron driveway gates

There is a reason why iron is a popular choice for the entrance gates. For hundreds of years, this material was utilized to create a lovely entryway to various sorts of homes. A wrought-iron entrance gate may continue for decades if it is taken care of properly. Advanced Fences can perform all of this, regardless of how wide or narrow, long, or short, complex or easy.

Function of automatic driveway gates

Automatic iron driveway gates are mostly kept for aesthetic purposes but nevertheless offer safety and a decade-long life span. Iron fencing can prevent the desired burglars, enable householders to control who goes and who exists, protect automobiles and other outdoor items from public streets, and look beautiful.


You should be proactive in order to call your local provider before anything is carried out on your property and ask them before anybody breaches the ground to enter and label gas and power lines. You may begin the installation process when the key locations have been properly identified and your local building and neighborhood requirements are reviewed. Iron fences are ideally suited for level ground, but it is feasible to build one on an incline. You must also decide how you want your gate to be opened and which automatic gate opener works best for you. Single swing gates, double swing gates and slide gates form the three major types of automated closing gates that you may see most installed. You must also decide how your gate opens and if you'll prefer for the gate to open remotely? Would you like the driveway gate to be opened when a car approaches it incorporating an exit loop? Would you want to enter a pin number? Talk with your gate contractor to help you determine which choice is most convenient for you!

Maintenance regular cleaning and lubrication

Use a mild solution of soap and warm water with a soft cotton cloth to remove dirt and waste before washing any remnant of the soap, to avoid developing a chalky film on the iron. You should attempt washing your gate once per month, but if you do it every few months, you may help prevent paint issues and extend the life of your automatic driveway gate. You will also want to ensure that the gate is thoroughly lubricated once a year.

To oil the fence components, we highly recommend using white, grey lithium. Often, dead bugs, pieces of leaves and other debris are stuck in the chain and the chain may be bunched up over time. Don't forget about the wheels and hinges!


You need to repaint the fence every 2-5 years, with an occasional spot paint here and there, depending on your surroundings and how much you clean your gate. It is the dirt particles that finally affect the paint and make it deteriorate So, it is absolutely the right method to adhere to a regular cleaning routine.


Rust is like iron forged cancer. One of the reasons we advise a good wash every month is that you can better access it for rust spots every time you clean the gate. Don't let it sit when you notice rust. It will develop and finally can destroy your front gate. Use a rustproof finish or an inhibitory rust base. If rust is found, scrape it off as quickly as possible using sandpaper. Try to prevent un-impacted regions around the rust spot from scratching. Ensure that the rust has been removed, that the anti-rust finish is used.


Wrought iron is not inexpensive; we're not going to lie to you. However, wrought iron undoubtedly offers the most design options, and is typically the "go-to" material for Iron fences and gates. The price will rely significantly on the size of a gate, the type of automatic gate opener you want to install, the personalization level and the installation difficulties. We can't offer you a close estimate because of this. The greatest advice is to meet two to three gate companies and obtain quotes. Iron fences and gates are by far the most flexible fencing style you can obtain when it comes to design. If you can conceive it, it may be fabricated in iron. The possibilities are limitless.

In Closing

Automatic driveway gates have survived the years because they are so long-lasting, easy to utilize in design, offer safety and have great eye appeal. While it is not the cheapest choice, iron automatic gates are undoubtedly the most ornate and physically impressive. They require relatively little upkeep and may be maintained properly for decades. Wrought iron is a tried and proven material that will not deceive you when you decide on material for your gate.


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