Desktop Laser 3D Scaner

This is a printable desktop laser 3d scanner using freelss and a raspberry pi(2).


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This is my take on the atlass3d scanner using freelss.

This is a video of the scanner.

Materials and methods

- 1m of M8 Threaded Rod or 5/16th rod.
- 12 M8 Nuts or 5/16th nuts.
- 11 m3 coarse screws or similar.
- 1 rapsberry pi B+ or raspberry pi 2 B+
- 1 raspberry pi camera
- 2 Line lasers from Harbor freight. Item#93242
- 2 m3x60mm bolts
- 6 M3 nuts
- 50mm generic fan
- Circuit board with the control circuitry (see freelss for details)



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