Destiny Generalist Ghost Shell Fully detailed 1:1 scale

Fan made fully detailed Ghost Shell


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This model it's FREE and part of the upcoming releases as part of a fan made project to create every Ghost from the game as collectibles, please support this project, all this is for purchase filament to keep testing the upcoming updates, buy new printer parts if something broke and more.

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If you print this model, please use the hashtag: #polygoncollectibles to let us see it

This Ghost was designed at 1:1 scale related to the one inside the game; and after months of investigate the design, check the model and search for original art work, I was able to recreate all the details from the ghost, including the insides of the spikes/wings/horns of the ghost, also I try to keep it as precise as was possible in order to create a true-to-game model.

What makes this model different to others free models on the 3D print communities or from the licensed from the game company?

  • This model doesn’t require a drop of glue to be assembled.
  • Modular (upcoming models can be attached with magnets or just around the main core).
  • Fully detailed, including interiors.
  • Model designed for cosplay and for display.
  • Upcoming paint patterns of models based on the generalist.

Recommended Print settings:

Infil: 15%

Layer Height: 0.1500 mm

Supports: only recommended for the body_back.stl file.

Pieces to print

Every .stl should be printed 1 time except:

cap.stl (4 times)
pin.stl (12 times)
wing_insert_left.stl (4 times)
wing_insert_right.stl (4times)
wing_insert.stl (4 times)
wing_inside.stl (8 times)
wing.stl (3 times)

Additional Materials

8 Neodymium N52 magnets (10x3 mm)

8 Neodymium N52 magnets (6x3 mm)



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