Differential Planetary Gearbox

A 12.4:1 planetary gearbox, specifically designed for use in extruders, in a 42mm x 42mm x 32mm package.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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Sources are available at https://github.com/Lodran/differential_planetary_gearbox

- Companion extruder soon to be available at http://www.youmagine.com/designs/pocket-extruder

- Fits either a Nema 17 or Nema 14 motor.

Four variations are provided:

- gearbox_printed_sun_105.stl - Printed sun gear, 10mm (105ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_printed_sun_115.stl - Printed sun gear, 11mm (115ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_metal_sun_105.stl - Metal sun gear (See BOM), 10mm (105ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

- gearbox_metal_sun_115.stl - Metal sun gear (See BOM), 11mm (115ZZ) drive shaft bearing.

Note: Assembly is fairly configurable, so the BOM is more of a guideline than anything else.

Materials and methods

- PLA or other wear resistant plastic.
- 1x 105 Bearing - [Source: HobbyKing](http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__21549__Ball_Bearing_5x10x4mm_2pcs_bag_Turnigy_Trailblazer_1_8_XB_and_XT_1_5_.html) (Comes with a spare, which will be used in the extruder.)
- 1x 10T/5MM M1 Pinion - [Source: HobbyKing](http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__45522__10T_5mm_M1_Hardened_Steel_Pinion_Gear_1pc_.html) (Optional, see description)
- 3x M3x10 bolt
- 6x M3 Nylock nut
- 4x M3x30 bolt
- 1x M5x30 bolt
- 1x M5 Nylock nut



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For those who have printed this, I'm curious about backlash and it this gearbox would be suitable for driving Z axis leadscrews with 8mm thread-pitch? Thoughts?

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What is the actual difference between the Printed and Metal versions? I can see different drive shaft bearings being listed, but the use is rather unclear?

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