Issue Arduino code problem #1

Russell Jones opened this issue on June 05, 2017 08:35

Hi Tom,
I'm very new to Arduino code but have successfully uploaded a few projects. When I try and load the code up to the UNO I get an error of "no timer.h file found "
Did I not upload all the files as I used the download button ?
I would appreciate your input as I now have all the parts for the slider and am kind of committed 🙄.
Russ Jones.


    80429a40178cabbafd809dd64c668ad7?default=blank&size=40wcndave commented ago

    I have read the code a few times, and can't see anywhere the motor is actually told to move, nor any libraries that would likely do this. What am I missing? Where's the actual commands to control the stepper motor?

    F7c4b50bba981c4d033fc44bc53461f0?default=blank&size=40honzicle commented ago

    I had this problem too, I had to google and install the "timer1" library as it was not included in the project files.

    29ab1405ea18f63e16893f3e8bc0f69c?default=blank&size=40Jian Quan commented ago

    hey there!

    It seemed that you have not installed the libraries can you try installing it again?

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