DIY Auto Plant Waterer

An auto plant waterer for when I am away from home for (hopefully) about 2 weeks (maybe more). This design uses the wick plant watering system / method. See: (N.B. It is also practice for me in 3D modelling and printing...)


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Additional materials needed:
1. a wick (string/ rope/ shoe lace or any cloth that can be used as a wick.  
2. A re-usable bottle (in my case, an ocean spray 1.89 L bottle)

Work in progress: Test 1  
If this works as intended, I will reduce the amount of material used in this rough design and make it adaptable to other types of bottles/ containers. 

Update: I have had this system in use for 5 days now on that 1.89 L bottle of water as of 05.07.2014 and I have not had to water my potted plant. It seems to be working well so far, so I have fine tuned my design making it hopefully less clunky. If you want to try that new design you can find it at
I have added the .ipt file in case someone wants to do their own tweaking/ modification.

Sure we can just run a wick from the plant to the container of water, but where is the fun in that when you have a 3D printer like the Ultimaker 2!

Plus, We can reduce evaporation to the air by using a closed system and not have to re-pot a plant, especially if it is large!



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