DIY Terminal Block

4 connection electrical terminal block


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For low voltage low current applications.

Materials and methods

How to vid here,
You will need 4, 4M nuts
4, 4Mx10 screws
14aug bare copper wire about 80mm long.
3D Printed terminal block
To make the best contact between wire and input (the 14aug wire) you will need to hammer the 14aug wire flat until it just fits into the hole.



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Mini imag0142Dustin commented ago

Wow, calm down mate. Who crapped in your cereal? It's either something you want to use or its not. Move on. Im not in it for the money, however if you're willing to donate to the cause I would be happy to redesign it. Additionally, not everyone has access to your hardware store, but there are people in countries willing to purchase community tools such as a 3D printer for the betterment of their community. I don't know why you keep attacking me like Im out to get someone and you are saving them from my "terrible" design. I appreciate your additional warning, now its time to go bother the rest of the non engineer members or make a better design. P.s. if you do be sure to send me a link. Thanks

730a061596c420c8915d9f20bd5d89e1?default=blank&size=40Marcus Wolschon commented ago

BTW, the real thing would also not have bolt heads with an electric potantial other then PE sticking out.

Certainly not ones with different potential next to each other where any random object can short circuit then.

730a061596c420c8915d9f20bd5d89e1?default=blank&size=40Marcus Wolschon commented ago

The DIN is not related to any government. Not even directly to legislators. It's engineers.

The people requiring proper material to be used are not government or legislative either. They are worker's accident inssurance.

These connectors are used for 1.5mm and thicker wires.

So we're not talking about small current applications.

As I said it's also making bad contact and damaging the wires to twist the tip of a bolt onto stranded wires. (I realise that on other continents solid wires are more commonly used for .)

The melting point is obviously determined by the fact that it's used in an FDM printer.

CAD modelling and 3d printing a mold for polyurethane would be more apropriate.

However 3d printing this and using bolts most likely purchased in small qualitties from a home improvement store is serveral times more expensive then simply buying the real thing for a few eurocent per strip.

Mini imag0142Dustin commented ago

Low current low voltage.

The melting point is determined by the end users choice of material.

As with all 3D printed items, it is a new way of doing things and if you are unsure of the safety, don't do it. If you require the government to tell you what is safe, then it is not wise to search out 3D printed items. As with all 3D printed items, the end user assumes responsiblity.

730a061596c420c8915d9f20bd5d89e1?default=blank&size=40Marcus Wolschon commented ago

No metal clamp it closed around the leads. Instead they are twisted by a screw that turns.

Thus the contact area is low and the cable may easily be moved by the clamping operation to lower the contact area further.

The material is a plastic with a very low melting point and no mixed in agents to make it less combustable.

Thus the resistance and risk of breaking wire strands in their ferrule is much higher and the resulting risks are not mitigated. All to safe a few cent on a proper, DIN/ISO compliant terminal block that you can get at every corner.

Mini imag0142Dustin commented ago

Marcus, your comment is too general. Could you please elaborate?

730a061596c420c8915d9f20bd5d89e1?default=blank&size=40Marcus Wolschon commented ago

This sounds like a terrible idea safety-wise.

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