Door Pedal: A 3D Printed COVID-19 Hands-Free Door Opener

Fight COVID-19! Open and close almost any door with your feet, using this temp. or perm. 3D printed modification.


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The Door Pedal project is an open-source, COVID-19 mitigation device, that was designed to help reduce the transmission of SARS-COV-2 further than existing door opening solutions.
It was also designed to inspire makers like you, to invent new ways of operating the world using our feet, vs. our hands.

Head over to the Instructable page:

For full details on the project background & motivation, design and installation instructions. I'll walk you through how to set up your very own Door Pedal in your home or office!

The door pedal concept has the potential to further reduce contact with contaminated surfaces, than current arm-operated door opener designs, or surfaces using nano-copper infused materials.

Using just 5 3D printed parts, standard fasteners (1/4"-20 or M6 screws), and some rope (or even a coat hanger!), you can modify one side of your door to be opened and closed, completely hands-free.

To modify one door, you'll need 2 sets of door pedals. One set can be printed on a Prusa-I3 sized bed, in a single printing run.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions on using or modifying the design.

Materials and methods

See Instructable page for details.

(Required) 5 main .STL files for the project, available, from Thingverse. I also posted the .STEP and Fusion 360 base files for you to modify and improve upon.

(x1) Main foot pedal file - there are 2 initial versions to chose from.
(x2) Left and Right rail files - You can choose an Open or Closed rail design.
Open means the rail has an upper stop only.
PROS: the pedal has additional downward travel available. If mounted high enough on the door, the pedal can be removed without removing the rails. If someone stands on the pedal, it won't ruin your door (but may ruin the door handle or knob).
CONS: if the handle adapter, rope/wire, or pedal ear snaps, The pedal will block the door from operating.
Closed means the rail has an upper and lower stop
PROS: The pedal won't block the door, and the frame stops the pedal from being pushed too far.
CONS: Inhibited travel range
(x2) Upper and Lower half door adapter files
There are several sizes available- pick the one that's closest to the door handle diameter you're using.
(Required) An FDM 3D printer with 210mm of travel in the X or Y dimensions (in the build plate plane). I designed the longest parts (rails) to be manufactured with the venerable Prusa i3. You can re-design the rail parts to be longer or shorter, depending on your needs.

(Optional) Any other type of 3D printer, that is capable of the required dimensions along one axis (Ex. SLS- the FormLabs Fuse1, or EOS P810)

(Required) Mounting hardware:

4x: 1/4"-20 x 3/4" socket head cap screws (or M6 - 1.0 x 18 to 21mm)

4x: 1/4"-20 hex nuts (or M6 - 1.0 nuts)

Roll of 1" wide mounting tape, at least 15" length (tape should be as strong as possible)


For Hollow Doors- 4x: Hollow door anchors, with associated #8, or #10 screws (1,1/4" long ideally)

For Solid Doors - 4x: #8 or #10 wood screws, Between 1,1/4" and 1,3/4" in length. Round head, truss head, or similar design. The idea, is that you don't use a flat head screw, so you can adjust the rail-to-pedal gap a bit after installation.

(Required) Tension hardware:

(Suggested) Aprox. 5 ft. length of paracord or suitable rope, rated >100 lbs.


Wire rope and associated ferrules, thimbles and other permanent mounting hardware. Duct tape, shrink wrap or other material for securing loose wire ends.


A wire coat hanger, and heavy duty duct tape



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