Issue Waffle Game #2

flintlovely opened this issue on June 16, 2022 06:46

Waffle Game is a free, browser-based word game that has a daily challenge and an abundance of green and yellow squares. Beyond that, it differs from Wordle in significant ways. First, you do not need to input the letters.

Instead, Waffle Game offers you a grid of five words that connect, with all letters already present. The majority of the letters are jumbled, and it is up to you to recognize the proper words and spell them out using as few letter exchanges as possible.

As with Wordle, the difficulty is not necessary in locating the answer. You have 15 available swaps, which, in my experience, is more than plenty to color the board green. However, every Waffle may be solved in only 10 moves, and you win a star for each remaining move on a completed board. I finished the current Waffle in eleven moves, earning me four stars.


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