Drawing Stamp Tool

Stamp the object you wish to draw, then plot the points on graph paper. Easily draw things in proportion!


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This tool was created for Ultimaker's Design Engine Challenge Week 4. The challenge was to design a tool that can be used for drawing or sketching. The tool needed to be relatively small and able to be used by a teenager, which I took to represent any apprentice in the craft of drawing.

Traditionally, aspiring artists have copied the masters, in order to see what the masters saw. This tool was created for young artists to learn to stay in proportion, by giving reference points that can be plotted on graph paper.

The tool itself is small, so that it can be used with easily found, off the shelf, stamp pads found in any craft store. It can be used by simply adding ink to the gridded side, then stamping on the image to be drawn. Then the grid on the original can be used to plot points onto a larger grid on the finished drawing. This employs a technique that untrained artists can use to sharpen their eye for proportion.

For example, one way to use this tool might be to make a photocopy of an old photo. Then use this cartesian grid stamp to stamp a grid on the photocopy. Next a grid could be penciled in on a wall sized mural. Then the aspiring artist could transfer proportions of the image from the photocopy to the wall.

The Design Parameters are listed with how they were addressed:
Small - The tool is small enough to be used on a standard ink pad.
Teenager - In Algebra 1, students are taught how to graph 2D cartesian points.
Jeff Koons - The tool can be used to draw Jeff Koons' work from an image.



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