Dual Head Ultimaker2

An alternative hack to use dual extrusion on your Ultimaker2.

3D printer parts and enhancements

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The magnetic change idea is from "foehnsturm" I redesigned it for the Ultimaker2. My goal was to stay close to the UM2 design, you can of course change this and add f.e. a full metal head as 2th head.

The main advantage of this setup is that you can easy put the 2th head aside and reclaim most of the buildarea for single head extrusion.

Another + is the use of different nozzle temperatures in the different heads.

The main issue is the leaking of filament from the 2th extruder. Using retraction and a prime tower does help a lot. At least in this setup the leaking does not take place on the printed part.

you'll need left and right parts, just mirror the items in your slicer.

find a project summary including instructions here;


update 25/5/2015: Added the "pick up" unit that I forgot in the first upload, also corrected this in the step file.

update: added new version of the docking corners that clamp to the housing, so no need for tape anymore. (all the parts with the name starting with "non-tape")

Materials and methods

find a project summary including instructions here;




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Mini masterchiefjbabio commented ago

Hi nice design! I've been printing nice with an e3d v6 for long time now and would like to mount it on my self-made UM2 clone alongside a laser head. I've saw in the "A different multi-extrusion approach - UM tool / printhead changer" thread that you made an E3D mount but can´t find the stl file.

Could you post it or provide a link, please?

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Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

The 2th extruder is plug and play when you install dual extrusion firmware. I'll advice you use the version created by @tinkergnome (google the ultimaker forum)

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4b5128c57d6eacd7f651eb2f3bb26fa2?default=blank&size=40TD Engineering commented ago

Also any changes in the board firmware or is the second extruder just plug and play?

4b5128c57d6eacd7f651eb2f3bb26fa2?default=blank&size=40TD Engineering commented ago

Have you every tried printing with the entire unit upside down or on its side to fight ooze? I've seen some interesting scholarly journals about printing in different orientations and the effects on FDM printing. It seems like that could very well be a decent solution to prevent all of the ooze fighting steps I saw in the forum posts.

Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

Yes, Ultimakers sells all parts, when there not in the webshop just ask support. They'll like it if you include all partnumbers. These you can find in the BOM or PDF's of all parts, on the Ultimaker2 github page. I indeed used the original power supply.

For me this is a nice experiment, but be aware it's difficult to get stable and it will really increase your printtime. IMHO it's only usable for small stuff.

4b5128c57d6eacd7f651eb2f3bb26fa2?default=blank&size=40TD Engineering commented ago

Did you just buy all of the replacement parts for a second extruder? Any changes to the power supply or can it handle both heaters?

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