Dual Mode Windup Car

A semi closed body design of my previous rolling chassis designs.


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If you've been following my previous PLA Spring Motor Rolling Chassis designs (here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/dual-mode-spring-motor-rolling-chassis, here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/spring-motor-rolling-chassis-version-2, and here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:430050), you will have noticed they are all "open frame", primarily because I just like to watch gears in motion, secondary is of course weight reduction (or did I get that backwards?).

Dual Mode Windup Car is my first attempt at a "rolling body" design, but I did leave the windows down so I can still watch the gears. For my description of "dual mode", see this thing: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/dual-mode-spring-motor-rolling-chassis. This design is a significant weight increase over the previous designs, and to compensate I did increase the final drive gear ratio from 1/25 to 1/16 to increase the torque. As such, I also strengthen the axles and gears to handle the increased torque. After testing, this vehicle easily traveled around 40 feet over smooth surfaces.

The wheels and body top as shown in the photographs are designed for a dual extrusion printer, however I have included single extrusion versions of all the necessary parts.

Video of prototype is here: .

You will need to purchase 16 "AS 568" size 222 (1 3/4 O.D., 1 1/2 I.D., 1/8" diameter) o-rings for the tires.

I probably forgot a file or two or something, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Designed using Fusion 360, sliced with Cura 2.3.1, and printed on an Ultimaker 3 Extended in PLA.

Materials and methods

Designed using Fusion 360, sliced using Cura 2.3.1, and printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 3 Extended at .1mm resolution.

Print "Key.stl", "Spring.stl", "Axle Spring.stl", "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl" at 100% infill, the remaining parts at 20% infill.

Prior to assembly, test fit and trim, file, sand, etc. all parts as necessary for smooth movement of moving surfaces, and tight fit for non moving surfaces. Depending on the colors you chose and your printer settings, more or less trimming, filing and/or sanding may be required.

Study "Assembly.stl", carefully noting the locations and positions of the various components as assembly proceeds. It is imperative that "Cross Member.stl" and "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl" fit very tight between "Body Left.stl" and "Body Right.stl" in order to maintain torsional stability.

I assembled Dual Mode Windup Car in the following order.

1) Position "Axle Spring.stl" into "Chassis Right.stl", then press "Spring.stl" and "Pawl.stl" onto "Axle Spring.stl".

2) Press one each of "Cross Member.stl" into "Chassis Right.stl" at the front and rear.

3) Press "Gear Floating Pinion Guide Right.stl" into "Chassis Right.stl".

4) Press "Gear Floating Pinion Guide Left.stl" into "Chassis Left.stl".

5) Press "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl" into "Chassis Right.stl". When fully installed, there should be 15.5mm between the inside surface of "Chassis Right.stl" and the shoulder on "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl".

6) Press "Axle Gear Idler Floating.stl" into "Gear Pinion Floating.stl". There should be 4mm of "Axle Gear Idler Floating.stl" extending from both ends of "Gear Pinion Floating.stl".

7) Press "Gear Axle Rear.stl" onto "Axle Rear.stl", aligning "Gear Axle Rear.stl" with the spline on "Axle Rear.stl".

8) Position the rear axle assembly in "Body Right.stl".

9) Position the floating idler assembly in "Body Right.stl.

10) Position "Gear Pawl.stl" onto the axle spring assembly.

11) Position "Gear Idler Large.stl" onto "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl".

12) Position "Spacer Axle Gear Idler Large.stl" onto "Axle Gear Idler Large.stl".

13) Position "Spacer Axle Spring.stl" onto "Axle Spring.stl".

14) Press "Body Left.stl" onto the body right assembly. When complete, the front and rear cross members must be flush with the outside surfaces of the body sides, and there should be 37mm distance between the inside surfaces of "Body Right.stl" and "Body Left.stl".

15) Install the o-rings on all wheels, then install one each of "Wheel Right.stl" and "Wheel Left.stl" onto the rear axle assembly.

16) Press "Axle Front.stl" into the remaining "Wheel Right.stl", then slide the assembly into position and press the remaining "Wheel Left.stl" onto the axle assembly.

17) Attach "Body Top.stl" onto the front and rear "Cross Member.stl".

Hope you like it!



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0f09fedccb212fe70fe2b70af4a940d4?default=blank&size=40polarcloud2524 commented ago

Read through the instructions for assembly, and on checking the dowenloaded/available parts I don't see either Chasis left or Chasis right listed. A few other part names don't match the instructions but are close, so are the 2 chasis parts actually called something else?

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Printed on:
AnyCUBIC Vyper
Fantastic. Very pleased.
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Printed on:
Ender 3 Pro
Turned out relatively well considering this was my first time printing anything mechanical-like. I learned a lot and my son loved it!
I can't begin to say Thank You for taking the time to design and post a super cool car!
Fd12d5a7fda273d1b96b3c1f852b2afc?default=blank&size=40Akawho commented ago

Just made it for 5yo boys birthday and he loved it!

THanks so much!! I would post my make but I don't

know how to on youmagine

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Mini lora and iGreg Zumwalt commented ago

Hi Choperos,

I could upload another of each of the parts, but I believe you would experience the same difficulties. However, I am curious as to why only these two parts would give Cura a difficult time. They are relatively simple pieces...

I would suggest trying the stand alone Cura (I use 2.6.2) and see if that helps.


02a93ce729eccdf434a5c7be2c1616a3?default=blank&size=40Choperos commented ago

I'm using the built-in version of Cura for Repetier, you think I should download Cura as a stand-alone program and slice the parts there? They're the only parts of the whole batch that presented a problem, but still, if you say they're working, I have to troubleshoot my side of the issue...

Mini lora and iGreg Zumwalt commented ago

Hi Choperos,

Sorry for the difficulties. I downloaded both parts from the site and loaded both into Cura. They sit flat on the build plate vertically, as I printed them.

What slicer are you using?


02a93ce729eccdf434a5c7be2c1616a3?default=blank&size=40Choperos commented ago

I've got a slight problem with the build, both Spacer Axle Gear Idler Large and Spacer Axle Spring don't sit flat on the bed while sliced and adding supports seems to ignore the laws of physics, resulting in 2 pieces suspended in mid-air.

I tried to import them to Meshmixer and the W10 3D Builder, and not only did I achieve nothing, all size proportions were lost in the process...

Have you had that happen before? =/

They are the final parts for the build and I'm sooooooooooo looking forward to completing this....

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87e9217f3f2c355c1dfbf1246bc12cd3?default=blank&size=40Jim Richardson commented ago

nope, it won't fit any which way. never mind, I'll just have to get a bigger printer.....

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Mini lora and iGreg Zumwalt commented ago

@Jim Richardson


The problem with scaling down the size is the part clearances scale down also, thus it would require a redesign.

Will the body sides not fit diagonally?

87e9217f3f2c355c1dfbf1246bc12cd3?default=blank&size=40Jim Richardson commented ago

Awesome concept. The only problem is it won't fit into my FlashForge finder printer. I'm printing another of your cars out as I type. Any way I could scale this one to fit? Bed size is 140x140x140. Thanks


87e9217f3f2c355c1dfbf1246bc12cd3?default=blank&size=40Jim Richardson added this to the awesome stuff collection ago
Mini lora and iGreg Zumwalt commented ago


Comments such as yours are why I design, test, build and publish these things. I am excited that you and your son worked together to build your Dual Mode Windup Car!

Very glad you liked it and many thanks for your kind words.


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1b288711b99fc247a705fdb2d213d0e3?default=blank&size=40christ6118 printed this ago
Carousel thumb dsc 0112
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2 Extended
Mad and Magnificent! My son is really a big fan! He loves it! Thank you very much!
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Mini lora and iGreg Zumwalt published this design ago