Earth Structure

E3D+VET exercise: Earth Structure


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This is part of the series of 30 exercises developed during the E3D+VET program. The aim of this Erasmus+ program is the immersion in 3D printing of VET centres (website:

The model has two sides:

β€’ On one side, it is spherically shaped, in order to give the idea of the Earth seen from above. No details (like sea, ground etc.) are needed at this stage.

β€’ The other side is much more important to the end of this exercise: here the layered structure of the planet is visible and clear. The layers do not have to have different colours, although this is also highly recommended as it is potentially educative for the students, but they are slightly and gradually raised in order for students to have the idea of where each layer starts. The radius / distance from the centre is to be taken into consideration, as it is representative of the real dimensions of each of them. An indicative radius is more than enough as long as it is clear which layer is bigger than the other. Finally, the inner core is a half showing sphere as this is also the very last layer.



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