Elegoo Saturn 2 Shop-Vac Hose Adapters

Adapters to connect a 2.5" Shop-Vac hose to the Elegoo Saturn 2 build area cover.

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Warning: these adapters should not be used to connect the build area cover to an actual vacuum, as any volatile compounds exhausted from the build area could potentially be ignited.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 comes with an appreciably sized exhaust port in the cover of the build area, along with a removable cover plate. It does not seem to have any kind of air intake, but that can be rectified through another project. A small USB powered, or at least powered through a USB connector, fan is included to exhaust the build chamber. A replaceable activated charcoal filter is included as well, but why worry about reducing odors when one could simply vent the build chamber outdoors?

To accomplish this exterior ventilation I would need some sort of hose, and since the cover is removable it would have to be flexible. My first thought was to use dryer vent hose, but a quick google search did not yield any suitably sized options. As I thought about options for a properly sized flexible hose, it occured to me that a shop-vac hose (2.5" nominal) was about the right size. A quick check indicated that these hoses were readily available at the big box home improvement stores.

Having purchased a hose, there were two options to connect it: the typical friction fitting, or a more permanent keyed connection. Originally I liked the idea of the more permanent connection, but the more easily removable friction fitting made more sense for something that could have a need to be frequently removed.

I started by creating a fitment for the exhaust port and mounting holes. I used four #6-32 captured hex nuts in place of the threaded inserts of the original cover plate. I thought about going down to #4 screws, but I wanted the slightly larger #6 screws because the larger head would be less likely to crack the cover if installed without flat washers. These were a little too big for the existing holes, so I opened up the existing holes using a #29 drill bit.

I then created a friction fitting for the shop-vac hose end, and a straight connector (ie, with the hose perpendicular to the vertical surface of the build area cover). It occured to me that the hose should probably be oriented vertically to facilitate removing and reinstalling the cover, so I created a 90 degree elbow version of the flange.

I have included the .stl files as well as the Sketchup files for:
- flange with no connectors as a starting point for anybody who may wish to explore different options for exhausting the build area
- the straight adapter
- elbow adapter

Materials and methods


- #6-32 x 1/2" Pan Head Machine Screw
- #6-32 Hex Nut
- #29 Drill Bit


- Sliced with MatterControl
- Printed on Robo3d R1+ Using:
- Hatchbox 1.75mm PLA
- Medium Quality
- Standard Layer Height (0.2mm)
- Support



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