Embossing Press

A mostly printed toggle joint embossing press i made to emboss diplomas.


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The main parts are FDM printed, while i used SLA to print the dies and the backstop, mainly to get the surface finished i wanted.

I printed most parts on a Markforged printer with CFF Kevlar reinforcement, but they would probably work just fine with regular PLA.

We use this at 3DVerkstan (www.3dverkstan.se) to press watermarks with our logo into our training diplomas.

When making your die, you will need to add a embossed part to the upper platen, and a debossed part to your lower platen. These will have to have offset applied so there are space in between them.

Materials and methods

You will need three ~35mm pieces of 8mm rod of your choosing to act as the hinge pin.
It also uses 12pcs of heat set M3 inserts for all the screws.
To lock the hinge pins in place you will need 3pcs of M3 threaded set screws, i used 6 mm length.
I also used five M3x8mm screws with standard washers.
Two M6 heat set inserts are used in the press plate for the slider screw.
Three countersunk wooden screws are used to fasten it down to a base.

For the slider screws, the drawing was made with a partially threaded socket head screw M6x45mm cut down so it only had the smooth part sticking up on top of the insert. I ended up turning this one myself out of a much longer piece of brass for extra stability and the looks. A partially threaded ~M6x130 cut down to only expose ~10mm of thread would also provide this extra stability.



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