Ethernet (RJ-45) spear

"Spearhead" for feeding Ethernet cable through a wall or ceiling


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Ethernet protector by SarahAlroe


I basically made this for pulling cables behind walls or above ceilings (original ethernet plug was from Dead End - Ethernet protector by SarahAlroe). You can stick a wire or piece of string through the loop and pull it through, hopefully will make things easier.

Try it out, let me know if you have any suggestions.

"v2" version, this has more chamfered areas in the front and tries to cover the squareness near the head. I have not tested this one yet, so please let me know if this is better.

If you need to buy one, I have some in my shop



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Mini screen shot 2013 07 15 at 6.49.36 pmErik de Bruijn commented ago

Brilliant! I actually needed this a while ago. I'm sure that's not the last time...

Thanks for sharing!

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