Figure sexy cowgirl "Jody"

3D printable Figure of "Jody" the cowgirl


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The figure "sexy Cowgirl" represents a busty cowgirl, with all that belongs to it. Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jeans and of course a revolver in the holster.

a very easy to print model because it consists of only a single volume. the only important thing is that the model is sufficiently supported during printing.
All wall thicknesses are optimized for printing with 0.4mm nozzles !!

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Now, have fun with "Jody"



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9552b1243fd9ef18497f883d7a62e68e?default=blank&size=40Minihawk commented ago

Hallo Mr. Cadillacsts,

druckst du das Modell wirklich liegend aus (so wie es geladen wird) oder drehst du es, so dass es senkrecht steht. Liegend macht meiner Meinung nach wenig Sinn, da der Rücken den Boden gar nicht berührt und Cura aber dort keinen Support generiert.

9552b1243fd9ef18497f883d7a62e68e?default=blank&size=40Minihawk commented ago

Hello MrCadillacsts,

thanks for this answer, will give it a try, just starteing my cura :)

9552b1243fd9ef18497f883d7a62e68e?default=blank&size=40Minihawk commented ago

I am relatively new to 3d-printing, done nice things with it... But i am very n ew to printing with support. I have a printer with one nozzle, so the support is to be printed with the same material and color. I have some slicers in my suitcase, cura, slic3r and kisslicer (perhaps some more) and its hard to define the support to get such a model printed with a support that can be removed easily.

Do you have a recommendation for a slicer and its support settings using one extruder?

Thanks a lot, Minihawk