Fisher Price Record

Module to make Fisher Price Music Box records


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The original idea comes from a post of fred27 on instructables.

This module can be used stand alone but a unmodified version is also needed for OpenSCAD files generated with the music2fp python script.

Description of the files:

  • fpRecordModule.scad can be included in a records file with include <fpRecordModule.scad>. The bare file will produce a record with a scale and a sequence of all the available notes.

  • HappyBirthday.scad is a example of a record.

  • a script for converting MIDI or ABC files to records. Requires the python module Music21.

Materials and methods

You will need:


  • (if you want to use the python script)

  • (don't really need it but it is really handy. Give it a read.)



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8a08d7e97a82fe2b044cc9bb86294a34?default=blank&size=40tbeckett added this to the Music Objects collection ago
50381586713fb6b408dfc8244fc608c1?default=blank&size=40Bernie Bernstone commented ago

so i did a little research and found the notes are all wrong as well as the pins used.. so i redid this project and put it up here.. but thanks for getting me way more than half way there!! couldnt have done it without you!! thank you!!

360af9e6947d6b283550e3c9587474e5?default=blank&size=40Tycho commented ago

@ImpulsiveJames. Thanks. I thought it was pretty cool and expected more traction. Anyway. Python is not needed, the python scripts are merely a tool to convert midi files to discs but as there are limitation to which notes and how fast the FP records play can play you might be better of to compose the songs by hand.

The two .scad files should be pretty self explanatory. You can open them with you own text editor or with the editor in openscad.

If you have any questions, you can email me via my profilepage.

79aab4428d7811585f1529546cefe218?default=blank&size=40ImpulsiveJames commented ago

So this is one of the coolest things ever... but I don't know anything about python, I hardly know how to render something in OpenSCAD. Any chance you could wire a slightly more indepth tutorial or point me to something?

Thanks! I'm looking forward to making some records!!

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