Flexible Multipurpose Strap

A flexible strap that can be used for anything from wearables, to cable management, to holding your socks up. =]


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This creation came from a need to be able to strap wearables onto my body, then I quickly realized how useful it was for a WHOLE bunch of other stuff besides that. It's gone through a few iterations based on input from some friends and I've included the files for each. I've found this useful for everything from a replacement handle for my water bottle, to a temporary belt (using multiple of course), to cable management. I hope others find it useful too!

Materials and methods

Just several cm of NinjaFlex, or other flexible filament, and a printer.



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ZYYX 3DPrinter
Printing it slow there were no issues. It is very robust.
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lulzbot mini
Had to scale the design to .7 to fit on my build plate. I was trying to print something in the colors I sell on my website so I printed a bunch. Semiflex does not work as well as NinjaFlex
Great design - thank you.
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Printrbot - Simple Metal
Printed Great, used Taulman Bridge scaled it down to fit on my simple metal.
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