Froggy: the 3D printed ball-jointed frog doll

A 3d printable ball-jointed frog doll


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Here is my first ball-jointed doll. I have always been fascinated by these but shocked at the prices they command. When the excellent Sonia Verdu uploaded her beautiful Robotica, it inspired me to make my own doll for 3D printing. Whilst Froggy is not a derivation of any of her work, I should give Sonia credit, because if I hadn't had her work to refer to, it would have taken much longer to design this frog.

I made a prototype of Froggy back in February and took two prints to MRRF, where he generally got a positive response. After MRRF, I went to stay with my cousin and his family in Chicago for a few days, where my two "nieces" gave me detailed feedback on what they would change.

I returned home and left Froggy alone whilst I worked on other projects but I eventually returned to him and decided to add in the following features:

1) People will try to pose a doll like a human if it looks even slightly human. The original froggy was designed to move like a frog, so I humanised his proportions and movements. He can sit up and stand by himself. His head twists and is angled like a person's.

2) My mum suggested movable eyes, so I thought I'd see if I could do this. Hooray! I could.

3) He has jointed and posable fingers. Sometimes I just like making things difficult for myself:-)

He isn't the easiest model to print and assemble, but I really enjoyed making him.

Instructions on how to print and assemble Froggy are here:

He was modeled using a mixture of Solidworks and Maya

NOTE: I had missed out chest.stl on my initial upload. This is now present. Sorry for any confusion...
The file eyeball_pupil.stl has been replaced with one which has the correct orientation.
It was suggested I upload a combined and decimated version of the finger files. You can now print a finger at a time and it should take far less time to slice.
Uploaded a new version of finger_middle.stl as the original one was not slicing well in Simplify3D

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