Furniture Lifting Block

A block/riser that can be used to elevate a piece of furniture or other large object a short distance above its original height.

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Useful if you'd like to temporarily or permanently raise the height for a piece of furniture or any other bulky object with square corners.  They're kind of like elaborate, height adjustable, slightly more compact cinder blocks.

Scale along the Z axis to adjust the height of the lift to suit your application.

Scale along the X and Y axes to adjust the horizontal dimensions/thickness/print time of the part.

Adjust the amount of infill to control the strength of the finished part (and also print time).  

Printed in PLA at 100% scale and using 5% infill, a single block can easily support 75 pounds/34 kilos (so a set of 4 should be able to support a 300 pound/136 kilo object, provided that its weight is evenly distributed).  I did not test to determine what the actual breaking point is, however the blocks should be sufficiently strong for use with most common household objects.  

Filament consumption when printing can probably be easily reduced by editing the model file to include some holes along the horizontal surfaces.  

(I had some Australian-made nightstands that were about 150mm too short when placed alongside my US-made bed.  A couple sets of these and now they line up nicely, and the end result is less unsightly than dropping some cinder blocks down in the bedroom.)  



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