Issue Run For Your Life! #1

sesten opened this issue on February 10, 2023 04:35

Although the presentation and organization of Run For Your Life! in retro bowl are not too difficult, it does not make the threat that lurks around every corner any less real. The whole of Run For Your Life! takes place in a single, eerily similar to those seen in contemporary hospital halls, lengthy and winding passageway. Due to the perilous nature of the level, precise length measurements of the corridor are not possible; nonetheless, it is estimated that it is around 10 kilometers in length (although this is disputed). Although making a turn in the hallway is not very often, it is likely to occur at least once throughout the course of one's trip.

It seems that the whole of Run For Your Life! was crafted from a robust substance that strikingly mimics concrete in both its appearance and, potentially, its composition. The "EXIT" signs that are seen on the ceilings of the level are the sole source of light on the level and have a dark red color to them. These signs are a regular sight on the ceilings of the level. Strangely, their locations and brightness seem to be completely at random; one region can have a cluster of them, while another might have none of them at all. As a consequence of this, some portions of Run For Your Life! may be quite difficult to navigate owing to the absence of any indications.


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