Golf Swing Speed Trap

Golf Speed Trap & Swing Adjuster


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Golf Speed Trap & Swing Adjuster - Designed for County Donegal pro golfer, Shaun Doherty, for use in golf lessons.

The Speed Trap is extremely simple to use but very effective, if you are using it on the grass make sure you align the centre line to your desired traget location and place four tees in the holes to secure it to the ground. If you are on the range make sure the centre line is aimed at your target every time.

Depending on what you desire to improve position the removable velcro speed rods in the formation you desire, you can use all four or just one depending on your objective. You can also adjust the width of the speed rods to make practice a little easier or more difficult, this again is dependant on the level of ability or what you are trying to improve. Different ball positions are marked depending on what type of shot is being taken.

Do not worry If you do hit a bad shot, as you will simply contact the speed rods and they will detach from the base. Rods should not be used when chipping.

To prevent the “over the top” move: Put a speed rod on the back top corner, and front inside corner.

To prevent coming too much from inside the line: Put a speed rod on the back bottom corner, and front outside corner.

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