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The GRAPHICA Fish chip is a moving fish that prints in one piece, without supports, in about 35 mins.

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    GRAPHICA is a 'Print & Play' kit full of playfully designed "print & play" chips from Most print in thirty minutes to an hour. 

    The GRAPHICA Fish chip features a moving fish that can be printed in about 35 mins, Support-Free. Just print, remove from platform, and you'll be able to wag your fish's stylish tail with no assembly required. 

    Waggish behavior complete, you can go to to see the entire 'GRAPHICA' set. You will find an additional '11' challenging models that demo 'Print & Play' tech. GRAPHICA is one kit in 3DKitbash's "Quick Prints" line of 3D-printable models. Check out the other kits by clicking HERE!



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    Sliced in Cura with: * 0.4 mm nozzle * 0.1 mm layer height * 0.8 mm walls and top/bottom Used Ultimaker silver PLA. Prints great! Love that it shows of print-in-place so effectively.
    The back is not very interesting, since it's flat against the bed. Would making indents like the ones on the top segments work? The tail fin could also be symmetric. Very easy to print!
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