H0 Train turntable

Turntable for H0 track


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Here is my turntable design. Included are the stl's and the original scad design that can be used for generation of new stl's. Also included is the schematic for the controller that translates a turntable position command to a series of steps for the motor. Note the electronics design is specific for my own track electronics but can be used as a basis for something new.

Since the electronics are based on a AVR Mega 8 I also included C code that implements the movements.

For using the stl also look into the scad design. Also note the stl's are included in the tar file.

Some tips:

Install all the wires first before gluing the 2 bottom parts of the bridge together you would not be able to do that later!

When driving in the M3x30 screw to hold the bridge it is wise to first make a small 20mm plastic tab with a dull point (from some 2.85 filament) to drive the wires to the out side. With this tab installed place the bridge and screw it tight. While getting the screw in it will remove the tab. I didn't do that and I created a short in the wires with the screw so it took me a evening of additional work and smoke from the house due to a blown led.

I have used some putty to remove some of the 0.1 layers in the bottom of the turntable pit. But I was not able to remove it completely probably due to my lack of putty/sanding skills.

Also published the latest files on github so for the latest update look on github:


Materials and methods

Roughly, lots of super glue, Paint, Steppen motor + all the electronics, bearings, plastic screws and M3x30.



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Mini stradazoev89 commented ago

Today was the first time I was able to successfully navigate a locomotive

from 1 track to the other. I still need to send all the commands needed to

the turntable micro by hand. The sequence is like this:

1 turn the table to the desired track

2 enable that track so it can be powered by the turntable

3 enable midpoint breaker

4 set direction of the locomotive

5 power the locomotive

now just wait until the locomotive is in the middle of the turntable it

will stop automatically.

6 reset power on the locomotive (this also resets the midpoint breaker)

7 turn the table to the new track

8 enable that track so it can be powered by the turntable

9 set direction of the locomotive

10 power the locomotive

11 turn off the power when locomotive is at its destination.

All this will be part of my track software that controls my complete track

but I still need to do quite some programming on that. On the other hand it

proves the concept is working. Also the alignment of the turntable is

stable up to now. I aligned it last saturday and even by installing it in

the track and removing it again 2 times did not change anything in the


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