Hairy lion (dual color) with Cura 3MF file

Dual color project file of the hairy lion by _primoz_


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Design by _primoz_:


This lion is a dual material version of primoz's design. It's configured to have the manes in a different color than the body of the lion. Obviously you can pick your own colors.

What's this, a 3MF file?

This new file format is a 3MF file. 3MF is the 3D Manufacturing Format supported by most 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printing service bureaus and CAD software houses.

You can load the 3MF file with any software that is 3MF compliant. 3MF also allows software to add useful metadata to it. When saving a 3MF file (from Cura version 2.4) it conveniently packages all project related information including the settings and all the parts you've added to the build plate. This allows you or the next person using Cura to save time, especially if you've already merged multiple meshes into one part, created efficient build-plates or set specific settings for specific parts of a print job.

You can find the latest Cura at

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How to groom the hair

  • Use narrow, pointy scissors to cut the far edges of the hair loose from the cylinder.
  • Now that the lion is freed, you can stick with a progressive 'punk' haircut that only some lions can handle, however, a more conventional haircut might look better.
  • Use a hair dryer to heat up the hairs and blow them in the right direction. Make sure to cover the top to prevent baldness.
  • Awesome, you're done!

Recommended materials:

  • It was designed for dual PLA and this is set up in the Curaproject file.
  • Choose two different colors for maximum effect or find the original file through the acknowledgement link.


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    Hairy Lion Project Fq
    3MF  β€“  3.5 mb
    Version 1 - Feb 22, 2017
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    Hairy Lion Project Fq.Curaproject
    3MF  β€“  3.6 mb
    Version 1 - Feb 17, 2017


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Mini screen shot 2013 07 15 at 6.49.36 pmErik de Bruijn commented ago

Nice print and color scheme, Labern!

Hi Arjan,

If you just load the 3MF file as a model it would not change your workspace. If you do load it as a workspace it will transfer my settings as well.

I agree that it's not as clear as it could be in terms of behavior naming the functionality.

However, the settings visibility was turned off for this project when it was saved and is also loaded along with the project. So, this is the intended behavior. In practice, a project is your entire workspace + the models that you had loaded when you saved them.

I would argue that changing the settings visibility could have a "[ ] Also load workspace settings (settings visibility)" checkbox so that it allows you to have control over keeping these as you had them before.

I'm now adding the 3MF file since there's not too much to the 3MF project itself that you might want to load. And the regular 3MF file actually also knows which extruders and profiles to use for which volume, so that's probably the version you wanted in teh first place?

Mini 2011 06 21 2019.55.47Labern printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 20170221 205414
Printed on:
ultimaker 3
Turned out very good. I Printed it with Colorfabb PLA/PHA which needed the standby temp to be a bit lower to stop oozing
Would be nice to have other bits like the nose, eyes and tip of the tail the same color as the mane
Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan commented ago

Some remarks, saving a 3MF file in CURA does NOT create a project file. Only explicitly saving a project from file/save project will create a "project 3MF". Also it's not possible to save a project from the save button (only an 3MF) so the save project is implemented very confusingly.

2th issue, If you load this hairy lion project in cura 2.4 ALL you visibility settings are screwed up (empty) on ALL of your machines. Think the behavior on visibility settings in project files, and in general need a bit off rework :)

Mini screen shot 2013 07 15 at 6.49.36 pmErik de Bruijn published this design ago