Herb Grinder

a fully printable (without supports) herb grinder.


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Grinds your herb. can scale down to 70% successfully, perhaps lower. this model is currently about 75.70mm in diameter.

The lid is spun, which transmits power through a planetary gear set, rotating the grinder mechanism within the grinder.

The lid can be modified as you please, there is an example of an alternate lid, an alternate lid blank, and a standard lid.

If you have issues getting gears to fit properly, try the over or undersized gears.

Print 1x of each, and 3x of the planet gear.

Crappy video of my hastily printed grinder, at 100% scale:

Materials and methods

plastic. preferably nylon for food grade material reasons.



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Best printable grinder design out there. Nice job. I printed mine with PETG instead of ABS considering PETG is just as strong, but FDA approved/Food safe.

Also, for the bottom grinder part, the outer rim of teeth nudge up against the inside walls in a way that herb gets stuck between quite often. It bothered me enough to edit it and make the outer teeth connect to inside wall.

Here's the file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B51oPjjWCpGuTm5pTTlCZEgwVW8

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good morning, and printed all parties and three of gear planet and can not get sun gear fit in any way, you could say me where I could be my problem, because they are many hours of printing and it does not work at all and I I would like to use it because I like it

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Tight tolerances are required to have sturdy functional parts. If your

machine is incapable of holding these tolerances, i suggest you look into

why, because the positional tolerance of a standard reprap is 0.10mm

(toolhead placement repeatability). None of the fitment tolerances are

beyond the capability of a well calibrated machine.

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