Humanoid Robot – Robonoid – Design concept

Humanoid Robot – Robonoid – Design concept


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Humanoid Robot – Robonoid – Design concept -

3D Design Tool: SketchUp Pro

Robonoid is small sized bipedal walking robot The robot has 17 or 19, 24 freely moveable joints and servomotor in order to provide for a range of action and stable movements. Since it’s small in size, Robonoid can balance well and cope with basic movements such as walking and getting up. Also, intricate movements like roller skating and skateboarding are possible.

Robonoid is a wireless controllable robot You can control it by WiFi protocol through your PC and Smartphones. App for android and iOS are an especially intelligible UI. By using it, complicated operations can be controlled more easily.

Robonoid is a friendly robot Robonoid was named indicates a β€œsimply shaped robot” that everyone imagines. Robonoid was designed by pursuing a simple appearance and simple functionality.

Robonoid Lineup

PSY – 135.7mm(W) x 258.39mm(H) x 100mm(D) – 17DOF
Jack – 135.7mm(W) x 305.62mm(H) x – 92,48mm(D) – 22DOF
Gentleman – 135.7mm(W) x 341.22mm(H) x – 78.5mm(D) – 22DOF
Tony – 135.7mm(W) x 265.5mm(H) x – 100mm(D) – 18DOF
SpongwBob – 135.7mm(W) x 230.0mm(H) x 100mm(D) – 16DOF
Hudi – 135.7mm(W) x 251.4mm(H) x 87mm(D) – 19DOF
Gunmo – 135.7mm(W) x 259.3mm(H) x 78.5mm(D) – 19DOF -
Nova – 135.7mm(W) x 282.8mm(H) x 100mm(D) – 17DOF -
Hexapod S1 – DOM 352.83mm(WD) x 193.16mm(H) – 20DOF

Robonoid is a Plen/mini-Plan/RoboHero robot derivative designed at Zalophus DesignHouse. We love the Plen2 robot but its want to new design. This is our take on a new lower cost version of the Plen2 robot using MG90S/ES08MA-II/SG90 servo’s.

The 3D printing parts were inspired by the Plen2 components, but they were redrawn from SketchUp to use the inexpensive MG90S servo motors.

Electronic Parts

1 x WeMos D1 mini ESP8266 ESP-12
1 x PCA9685 16-channel, 12-bit PWM Fm+ I2C-bus Servo controller
1 x Shield Robonoid-20CH-R0a
1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor
2 x 16340 or 18650 Battery Holder
1 x 2S 7.4V Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board
2 x 16340 or 18650 Batteries
2 x Snap-In Single 'A'-'AA' Battery Contacts 209 [KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS CORP.]
2 x Snap-In Single 'A'-'AA' Battery Contacts 228 [KEYSTONE ELECTRONICS CORP.]
1 x DC Jack and Battery Harness Cable
17/19/20 x MG90S Metal Gear Servo Motors
3D Printing Parts

Battery Bracket 16340 ....
Battery Holder 18650 .....
Body Gentleman .......
Body Gunmo ......
Body Hudi ......
Body Nova L ......
Body Nova S .....
Body SpongeBob ......."
Body Tony ......
Body Tony Pants ......"
Body Tony Servo Bracket ......"
Cap Baseball ......
Cap Hudi ......"
eYe LED5 ......
eYe WS2812 .....
Hat Boater (Gunmo) ......
Hat Conical ........"
Hat Fes ........."
Hat TC ........."
Hat Top ........."
Head .....
Head Nova ......
Elbow Shoulder Roll Left/Right ......
Foot Left/Right .....
FootSlim Left/Right .....
FootSimple Left/Right ......
FootRollPitch Left/Right .....
Hand_Left/Right ......
Hand Wrist Shoulder Pitch Thigh Yaw Foot Left/Right ....
Knee Left/Right .....
Knee Pitch Left/Right .....
Shoulder Pitch Left/Right .....
Thigh Pitch Hip Roll Left/Right (Nova) ......
Thigh Pitch Roll Leftl/Right ......
Pants ......
Pants Bottom ......"
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