A 3D printed Hummingbird automata.


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1) A new file has been uploaded with, hopefully, the corrected "Axle Gear Compound 60, 20.stl". Many apologies for the mistake I made and the delay in correcting it.

Hummingbird is a hummingbird themed automata I designed for my wife, who smiles from ear to ear while feeding and watching the gathering hummingbirds at our home. Hopefully it will bring smiles to many more faces.

Hummingbird consists of 97 3D printed parts (38 unique parts) and, as I discovered, requires plenty of time and patience to print, assemble and tune. Along with the 3D printed parts, Hummingbird also requires a "uxcell 16mm DC 6V 60RPM Speed Torque Gear Box Electric Motor for Robot" (available from a variety of sources), a 6vdc power source, and four 1/4" or thicker stick on felt or rubber pads (for the base).

The file "" contains all cad images and photographs included in this model.

As usual, I probably forgot a file or two or who knows what else, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask as I do make mistakes in plenty.

Designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, sliced using Cura 3.2.1 and printed in PLA on both an Ultimaker 2+ Extended and an Ultimaker 3 Extended.

Materials and methods

Print the Parts.

I've included file "Hummingbird" which contains the parts list and print parameters I used to print Hummingbird.

I've also included the file "" which includes all the parts in stl format.

Hummingbird is a high precision print and build. Prior to starting assembly, test fit and trim, file, sand, etc. all parts as necessary for smooth movement of moving surfaces, and tight fit for non moving surfaces. Depending on the colors you chose and your printer settings, more or less trimming, filing and/or sanding may be required. Carefully file all edges that contacted the build plate to make absolutely sure that all build plate "ooze" is removed and that all edges are smooth. I used small jewelers files and plenty of patience to perform this step.

Hummingbird uses threaded assembly, so a 6mm by 1 tap and die may be needed to clean the threads.

And finally, I used petroleum jelly judisiously on the gear train and between the rotating contact surfaces.

Assemble the Base.

Press "Gear Motor.stl" onto the motor, then press the assembly into "Base.stl".

Assemble "Gear Compound (60, 20 Teeth).stl", "Axle Gear Compound 60, 20.stl" and "Spacer Axle Gear Compound.stl" as shown, then lace the assembly into the base and secure with two "Bolt 6mm, 8mm head, 4mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

Assemble one "Wheel Base.stl, "Axle Wheel Base.stl", "Bolt Wheel Base.stl" and "Bushing Axle Gear Base Long.stl" as shown. Position "Gear Wheel Base (60 Teeth).stl" in the base as shown, then slide the assembly through the Base, Gear Wheel Base (60 Teeth) and the Base as shown. Insert "Bushing Axle Gear Base Short.stl" onto the free end of the Axle Wheel Base, followed by the remaining "Wheel Base", then secure with the remaining Bolt Wheel Base.stl.

Finally, apply four 1/4" or thicker stick on pads to the bottom of the base, one in each corner.

Assemble the Transmission

The first image shows (left to right) "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 23 mm shoulder.stl", "Arm Body Front.stl", "Arm Base Right.stl", "Spacer 8.2mm.stl", "Spur Gear (30 teeth).stl", "Arm Body Front.stl", "Arm Base Left.stl" and "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 23 mm shoulder.stl".

Position "Arm Body Front.stl" and "Arm Base Right.stl" as shown, then slide "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 23mm shoulder.stl" and secure loosely in place with "Spacer 8.2mm.stl" as shown.

Position "Spur Gear (30 teeth).stl" onto the spacer.

Complete the assembly with the remaining components as shown.

Assemble the Body.

Securely attach nine "Spacer 8.2mm.stl" to "Body Right.stl" using nine "Bolt 6mm, 8mm head, 4mm shoulder.stl".

Assemble "Bolt Wheel Body.stl", "Wheel Body", "Bushing Wheel Body.stl" and "Axle Wheel Body.stl" then position on "Body Right.stl" as shown.

Place three "Spur Gear (30 teeth).stl" onto the assembly as shown, then secure "Body Left.stl" to the assembly using nine "Bolt 6mm, 8mm head, 4mm shoulder.stl".

Finally, attach the remaining "Bolt Wheel Body.stl", "Wheel Body" and "Bushing Wheel Body.stl" parts to the assembly as shown.

When complete, the gears must rotate easily.

Assemble the Wings.

Position "Pivot Wing.stl" onto "Pivot Shoulder.stl" and secure in place with "Bolt Pivot Wing.stl" as shown. The shoulder pivot and bolt must rotate easily in the wing pivot.

Position "Wing Right.stl" onto "Pivot Wing.stl" as shown, then secure firmly in place with "Bolt 6mm, 10mm head, 4mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

Snap the small end of "Rod Connecting 6.3mm Hole.stl" onto the ball on "Pivot Wing.stl" as shown.

Position the assembly on "Body Right.stl" as shown, then secure in place with "Bolt Pivot Shoulder.stl" as shown.

Snap the large end of "Rod Connecting 6.3mm Hole.stl" onto the ball of the right body wheel as shown.

Repeat the assembly process for the left wing, then attach the left wing assembly to "Body Left.stl" as was the right wing.

Attach the Transmission to the Base.

Slide "Spacer 8.2mm.stl" into "Spur Gear (30 teeth).stl", then position the assembly into the base as shown.

Position the transmission assembly on the base, then secure in place with two "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 8mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

Position the right and left base arms on the base wheels as shown, then secure in place with two "Bolt 6mm, 10mm head, 4mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

To test the assembly, remove the motor and make sure the gears turn and the transmission pivots freely. Reinstall the motor, and attach a 6vdc power source to the motor such that the right "Wheel Base.stl" rotates clockwise as viewed from the arm side of the wheel.

Attach the Body to the Transmission.

Attach the two "Arm Body Rear.stl" to the base assembly using two "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 8mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

Slide one "Spacer 8.2mm.stl" into "Tail.stl" as shown the position the assembly into the body assembly as shown.

Slide one "Spacer 8.2mm.stl" into one "Spur Gear (30 teeth).stl" as shown, the position the assembly into the body as shown.

Lower the body onto the front and rear body arms an secure loosely in place using four "Bolt 6mm, 12mm head, 8mm shoulder.stl" as shown.

Attach the Stem and Flower to the Base.

Press "Flower.stl" onto "Stem.stl" as shown, the press the assembly into the base assembly as shown.

Hope you enjoy Hummingbird!


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Hola Greg, te escribo por el motivo pedirte un favor, podrías compartir los archivos del software fusion 360, si fuese posible me serian de gran ayuda. Saludos Greg y muchas gracias, excelente prototipo.

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I'm truly sorry for the difficulties you experienced with this model.

I will see what I can do for a "LEGO" version, but it may be awhile!

Truly sorry again,


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After weeks of trying, I've finally given up. I just couldn't get the 3D prints to be perfect because of shrinkage issues. Also, the bolts and nuts are just too darn tight of a fit and the gears get stuck on mine. I wanted it to work badly to an extend where I tried using LEGO wheels and though that was a good fit in size, the teeth were different at the bottom and top gears so there goes my bright idea.

Hi Greg, do you think you can add LEGO gears and use real M bolts and nuts? For example, It would be grand if you can and many thanks in advance.

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Hi Greg, thanks for your kind support and attention. Much is appreciated!

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I'm truly sorry for the mistake I made regarding "Axle Gear Compound 60, 20.stl" and have uploaded a new "" that hopefully contains the correct stl.

I've been out of the country for awhile and was unable to correct the problem until now.

Again, my sincerest apologies for the any problems anyone experienced due to my error.


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No worries Greg, you just enjoy your time while you're at it! No rush at all.

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I’m truly sorry about this. I’m out of the country until the 26th and will correct this problem immediately upon my return.

Again, I’m truly sorry.


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Could you please check to see if the file for "Axle Gear Compound 60, 20" is correct in the STL zip file? It looks like a spacer but I could be wrong. I've printed all the parts but can't find one that looks like a long axle.

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Thank you very much, I'm truly pleased that you like it!


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WOW, man, that's IMPRESSIVE!!!

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