Inception Top

This is the spinning top totem from the movie Inception.


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I have uploaded two top sizes. The larger is approximately 60mm high and
the smaller is approximately 40mm high. Both tops spin very well. The
larger one may spin a little bit longer because it has more mass. I
printed these with 25% fill, 0.2 layer height, No extra shells, with
Support (Min angle 60 deg, No Cross hatch).
I have added updated models that have hollow centers (Version 3). These seem to spin longer.



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Mini img 20160628 210445Dániel Jósvai commented ago

Nice! Fan of the movie here! I'll print this.

Actually it's not the mass, that counts. The ones with the hollow center have more moment of inertia for the Z axis so the will spin longer. Try to print them with thicker walls and no infill. ;)

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Mini screen shot 2013 07 15 at 6.49.36 pmErik de Bruijn commented ago

Very cool!! Featured!

Mini crw 4519Michael Queally published this design ago