Iron Man MK III Helmet

Full size Iron Man Helmet optimized for minimal support material.


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I did NOT make these models, I only reoriented them for printing with minimal support. This helmet was modelled by drumguy560 from A huge thanks to him for modelling this magnificent helmet!

For the original files and scaling, please go here:

Materials and methods

Printed with PLA. there are only 3 parts which require some support, the rest can be printed without.
The parts that need support are:
- V3helmet Middle1.2
- V3helmet Top1
- V3jaw1

I used superglue to join the pieces together. For a nice surface finish i recommend some kind of filler and lots of sanding!



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Carousel thumb screenshot 2020 06 11 at 22.04.59
Printed on:
prusa mk3
assembly instructions would be great
A7d116e24a3d6ba59aa431dad42088d4?default=blank&size=40David Dickens commented ago

This is great. I have it all printed.

Anyone have instructions on the assembly?

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3217be89d9a18b10c3c8c6085c69da84?default=blank& commented ago

are you actually able to wear it??

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Ab662c5e2670dbe1a4499aff416d1c53?default=blank&size=40Boris DUVERGER commented ago

Thx for reply i go print :)

Mini dsc 01Timo commented ago

Hi Boris,

The parts that need some support are:

- V3helmet Middle1.2

- V3helmet Top1

- V3jaw1

Have fun printing!

Ab662c5e2670dbe1a4499aff416d1c53?default=blank&size=40Boris DUVERGER commented ago

Hi, thx for this add.

there are only 3 parts which require some suppor but which ?

thank you for your reply

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