Tool for remove the cable jacket isolation


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Some time ago I was looking for a tool that allows the precise removal of the outer isolation (stripping of the cable jacket) from round cable. All tools that I found were either adjustable in the cutting deep but limited to rather large cable diameters, or they were optimized for a specific cable type (with low diameter) but with a fixed cutting depth. Therefore, I decided to design my own tool, which is modular and has an adjustable blade. Here is my first version:

The cutting deep can be adjusted. Maximum cutting deep is about 4 mm. It can operate down to 2 mm cable diameter. One limit is, that the cable must withstand the torsion when rotating the tool.

All parts can be orientated such way, that in most cases no support is required. The suggested orientation can be seen in the picture. Only printing the UpperPart requires support.

Instead of printing the rollers, 2 Distanzhülsen (ID=3.6 mm, OD=7.0 mm, L=8 mm) can be used (https://www.reichelt.de/distanzhuelsen-kunststoff-8mm-dk-8mm-p44732.html?&trstct=pos_10&nbc=1)

Additional vitamins for assembling:

3 pieces M3x6mm 2 for screw the blade, 1 for fix the die to the base .
1 piece M3x12mm and a washer for M3 for adjusting the cutting deep.
1 piece M3x16mm for connect both parts.
2 more M3x16mm for the option with rollers.
Spring D=5/16’’ L=1 3/4’’ (Approximately D=8 mm L=45 mm)
Part of a 9mm cutter blade (3 segments)

Required Tools:
Tread cutter for M3

Assembling instruction:
- Clean all parts and check that all parts will move freely (especially the mount for the blade, move it some times by hand till it run smooth)
- Cut M3 threads into all holes (only that with smaller diameter, of cause)
- assemble the deep adjustment screw. Note the orientation of the AdjustWheel.
- Assemble the blade. Note the mark for orientate the blade. Be very careful not to cut yourself!
- Move the blade all way up and put the cover in place. Note the orientation of the cover. Check that the blade will move out freely and retract the blade back for protect your fingers in the next steps.
- Put the die in place
- Tension the spring and assemble both parts.

Set the blade to the required deep by doing several test cuts. To make a cut, place the cable into the tool and rotate it around the cable. Be careful with the tool as it has a sharp blade. All files are provided without any guarantee.

Ideas for the next version:
- Make it more compact.
- Improve the stability of the blade cover
- Move the blade out of the center to make the cut more controllable.

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