Issue What do you do in your free time? #1

gibsontrevor opened this issue on June 30, 2022 05:20

Today, we are too busy studying and working. Many people don't have much time for themselves and their families. Remember that we study and work for a better life. Therefore, we need to balance work and our lives. After school or after stressful working hours, we need to relax by doing some favorite activities such as hanging out with friends, doing sports, or joining some clubs to have fun. As people like sports and online games, I recommend to you guys an interesting sports game called basketball stars. In this fantastic basketball-themed sports game, your main task is to control your character in order to throw the ball into the basket. Basketball Stars has three game modes: one-player, two-player, and quick match. You can play alone or play with friends in your free time to find fun. Let's try it, you will love it!


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