Joris Laarman Lab's Puzzle Chair

The Puzzle Chair by Joris Laarman Lab is the world's first crowd fabricated chair.

For your home

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Download the chair right here:

Image credit

ColorFabb: Chair is fully made with ColorFabb XT:

Joris Laarman Lab:



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    no la puedo imprimir no me llega elcorreo

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    Hello, what are the dimensions of the chair

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    Mini wallpaper 393969   copyDan printed this ago
    Carousel thumb img 20170428 132043
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker 2
    Printed the 'kids' version at 200 microns w/ 20% infill. Everything came out and came together great!
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    Mini img 3422Marchit printed this ago
    Carousel thumb dsc02817
    Printed on:
    ultimaker original
    200 Micron, Black, White, Gold, Green and Blue PLA
    Thanks for the design! The result looking great!
    Mini ulti2arjanUltiArjan printed this ago
    Carousel thumb stoel3x
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker - The Ultimaker 2
    printed rather rough at o.2 layer and high speed. Scaling down causes to little play between the parts so sanding is needed. specially the tiny parts of the top rows came out very bad but I just didn't have the patience to make a better one. looks pretty nice from a distance ;)
    laarman chair scaled down to 40%
    Mini 09w2lpjgUltimaker published this design ago