K-cup clip

Holds reusable cups in dishwasher

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If you're obsessive enough to want this, you'll really want it. It clips around the top and bottom of a reusable filter cup for those ubiquitous coffee makers to hold the cup upside-down and open in the dishwasher. Easier than cleaning by hand. There's a hole down the middle of the clip that fits over one of the pins on the top rack.

Materials and methods

Print in something dishwasher and food-safe. Mine is in a high-temperature PLA that is alas no longer manufactured.

A few notes: You might need to resize the hole for your dishwasher -- that's the line "translate([0,0,-10])cylinder(r=2.5, h=65, center=true);". You may also need to redo the length for a different re-usable filter cup (this version works for a couple different brands.) The openscad code is a model of how not to write, but it works. (The rounded-corner library is ancient and could be replaced with something newer -- a copy is currently still available at .



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