Keychain / Smartphone Stand

keychains for use with your smartphone.


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    Small, practical and fun keychain with different forms of animals. In addition making a keychain, you can use it to stand the smartphone.
    Advise: choose print the hook for the headset plug only if you are flexible filament, rigid filaments may break and stay inside the smartphone

    Materials and methods

    I used this filament:




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    Carousel thumb download 20180116 203029
    Printed on:
    Ultimaker 3
    Nice print on fine setting.
    Most people I know use cases on their phones. Wasn't able to find co-worker's phone with case off so not sure how often she will use it. Would be nice if it had a wider opening. Cute design.
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    Carousel thumb 20160616 154822
    Printed on:
    Prusa i3
    Very pleased with the results. Printed two with the second being 20% larger for phone with robust cover. Printed in pink HIPS
    Mini sam 0295Ivor O'Shea printed this ago
    Carousel thumb photo2
    Printed on:
    Nice design!
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