Kuro's Compact Bowden Geared Extruder

Compact bowden geared extruder for use with MK7 drive gear and NEMA17 motor.

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Kuro's Compact Bowden Geared Extruder

UPDATE: gears should fit each other with less slop now.

Designed to fit a Rostock Mini, this design can be used in other printer adjusting the support, that is fixed on two of the extruder motor bolt holes.

It uses a MK7 drive gear and 625zz bearings.

The only thing I didn't really like on this extruder is the use of a 3/16" nut to fix the PTFE. It's troublesome to build and I really prefer using the press fits.

It's recommended to fit the 3/16" nut and then fixing the PTFE in the extruder the first thing, or you will have some bad time fixing it after assembly of the extruder.

Materials and methods

Printed Parts (minimum)
- Extruder body
- Idler
- Gears

Hardware (minimum)
- 2 springs for idler tension
- 3 625zz bearings
- 1 MK7 drive gear
- 1 M5x40mm hex headed bolt
- 1 M5x30mm bolt
- 2 M3x35mm bolts
- 1 M3x20mm bolt
- 2 M3x10mm bolt
- 1 3/16" nut
- Assorted nuts and washers



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