Laser Board Isolation Mount

plastic Laser Board mount to prevent electrical shorts



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We purchased a new Cohesion 3D Laser Board for our chinese K40 laser cutter at our makerspace. The instructions say to mount the board to the stock steel panel that came with the laser, but using that panel is a huge pain as it requires utilizing two bolts that are underneath the laser. This mount is meant to use hook and loop adhesive strips (command strip style velcro) so the board can be easily removed from the case without undoing any bolts.


  1. Utilize the existing 4x 3mm bolts, nuts and nylon spacers that came with the laser's original control board. The two raised sections of the mount face the enclosure, and the Laser Board is mounted to the flat face of the mount. I put the nuts on the face of the circuit board in case the bolts were too long so they wouldn't risk touching the laser enclosure.
  2. cut 4 equal sized pieces of adhesive velcro strips. I recommend the light duty strips. I used 10lb heavy duty strips and it's way too strong, I had to use smaller squares to compensate. Place two pieces on the two raised parts on the back of the mount.
  3. Place the remaining two velcro pieces on the first two pieces so they interlock.
  4. (optional) remove the steel panel as it's no longer necessary
  5. Position the Laser Board where you want it and stick it to the side of the enclosure.

Materials and methods

- existing 4x 3mm bolts, nuts, and spacers from the stock laser
- 4x adhesive velcro strips



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