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I am a laid back and low stress kind of guy. I love computers and technology, and I hack or modify almost everything I own. I am a husband to my wife Paula and a father to my two sons Bryce and Blake (and I am truly blessed to be so lucky). I love snowboarding and so after college I took a year off from the real world to teach snowboarding at Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana. It was much needed after 4 years of physics and math. I had a major concussion in first grade and so my memory can be poor at times. I have made up for this with a lifetime of being quick on my feet and so I rarely have to deliberate long on a subject before I know what my course of action will be. I love to laugh, and try to enjoy life's small pleasures. I like to help others in need, and share my talents when wanted. I like to think I am very determined. I love to start a project and bulldog my way through till it's done. I have trouble letting something best me, and feel that every problem has a solution if your dedicated enough to find it. My previous job was as a project manager at a Pier Foundry. My job was to coordinate new projects from quotation, design review, tooling build, sampling, inspection, PPAP, pre-production, and release to manufacturing stages. I am currently back working as a Project Manager at Midway Industrial Supply. Midway is a company that specializes in paint, powder coating, and pumping systems for industrial manufacturing plants. I truly enjoy this job and the challenges that it provides. Due to the demand for travel I left Midway for a few years when my first child was born. But now that they are older I am back and enjoying taking large scale projects cradle-to-grave again. My responsibilities include the 2D/3D-CAD work, spec and bid jobs, component purchase orders, manage job installations and subcontractors on site, and overall owning my projects from the point of first contact with the customer through to final sign off and long term support. In addition I maintain our company website, handled graphic and literature design, and basically answered all technology related questions around the office. I fix peoples computers on the side, for free, because I can. I understand it takes a long time to know what I know and most people just don't have the the desire. It makes me feel good to know I helped someone with skills I have acquired. There is a lot more to me than this, and if you meet me some day you can learn some more.

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