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<p><b>Empirical innovation:</b> Talk, Think, Design, Create.</p><p>At E.I. we use a similar approach to the famous IDEO’s product development process.&nbsp; Firstly we communicate with the client and find what the problems are, what the overall idea is; gathering customer needs is important to us. Then the design team comes up with possible solutions, brainstorming together leaving no possible solution un-noticed, no matter how different or wild; we promote outside of the box thinking. We take a few of the best ideas that meet the customer needs efficiently and create 3D models and prototypes that can be held and tested to farther narrow down the best product solution. Product ideas pass all the way through our design process illuminating all possible design solutions along the way. At Empirical innovation, only solutions that meet the needs of the customer are easy to use and economically friendly make it through fruition.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><b>Our Language, we are…</b></p><p>Innovative: Design that expresses technical form and function comprised in synergy.</p><p>Functional: Products that support the highest possible level of functional usability.</p><p>Desirable: Products that have a friendly, likeable, and natural presence that meet the needs of the customer.</p><p>Clear: Design that supports the self-explanatory qualities of the products in order to maximize their clarity and direct usefulness; products show the customer how to use them.</p><p>Honest: Products those are open and honest, comprehensible, and self-confident.</p><p> </p><p>Aesthetic: Design that stands for a philosophy that concentrates on essentials, for the logical organization of design elements, and a unique over all impression.</p>

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