Lowcost Robot Chassis (beta)

I designed this chassis in blender as a proof of concept. However, it's not quite finished yet. The wheels are based on Emmett's Gear Bearing.


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This design seeks to minimize the parts count of a 3d printed robot chassis. All of the hardware for the chassis costs less than $10. The Motors batteries and motor controller can be substituted for any of your choice. I hope to convert the final design to OpenScad so that the design is parametric. The gears on the rear wheels and motor were made on a customized version of Blender's gear Generator. For those who which to generate their own gear ratios here are the stats of the gear around the rear drive wheels:

Number of teeth 50
pitch 4mm
clearance .5mm
width 2.5mm
base 4.2mm
PA 20d

I am not providing the Blender script at this time because it is a bit of a hack and in the future I hope to convert the design to OpenScad anyway.

Materials and methods

4x 60mm M6 Bolts (axles)
4x M6 Nuts
8x Washers
6 40mm M6 (motor mount)



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Could you please try design a gearbox? I need to make it ran at low speeds, but in my shop do not have much motors to choice.

95103d80126324c6bb9588517c96c85b?default=blank&size=40Pavel Skřipec commented ago

I have motor shield for arduino and ultrasonic sensor. (somewhere)..

Fc9ea217555e2426fa6b93592c23ec1c?default=blank&size=40AFJay commented ago

I used the example code from the ardunio library to drive the motors. I haven't got around to finallizing this design. I've been working on other stuff. I recommend getting a motor controller from pollolu with a set of gear motors.

95103d80126324c6bb9588517c96c85b?default=blank&size=40Pavel Skřipec commented ago

And code for the car? I was started something like this few years ago. My son will have birthday next month, so maybe i will print it and build it for him.

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