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Taz e3D Titan Aero Mount

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This is a mount that fits a standard Taz gantry carriage for the e3D Titan Aero. Depending on the version of Taz or Taz Clone you may not have bed leveling so I added the ability to add a inductive sensor with this mount. This mount is designed to place the nozzle directly in-line with the middle of the mount plate with the standard (NOT Mirrored) e3D Titan Aero. The inductive mount is offset from the nozzle... X-Axis +30mm, Y-Axis -23.5mm. This does require a nema 17 motor with a body length <= 40mm or <= 45mm (extended version), depending on the version you use. There are also holes in the mount to zip-tie cables in place for a neat and clean assembly. During assembly follow the e3D Titan Aero assembly instruction substituting e3D's mount with this mount (Assembly instruction link below).

Fusion 360 Public File:
e3D Titan Aero Wiki (Assembly/Drawings):

Updated on 2017-04-29: Version 2-2, Widened the sensor hole to 13mm.
Updated on 2017-04-29: Version 2-3, Lowered the mount 5mm and extended out the extruder 3mm to clear the bolts on the gantry guide.
Updated on 2017-09-18: Added and Extended Version extending the mount forward 5mm. STL and Fusion files provided.



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Mini x6nezqxo 100x100MalaMaker commented ago

@hartatak62 I am working on a fan mount attachment for this mount just haven't found anything I liked yet.

760cdce43cd373f82ce2a6021d041b66?default=blank&size=40hartatak62 commented ago

This looks great! Do you have any intention of adding mounts for part cooling fans?

Thanks for making the Fusion 360 download available so I can work off of your design!

Mini x6nezqxo 100x100MalaMaker published this design ago