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A kit to built your own magnet motor


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with this kit, you can built your own Magnetmotor.
The Rotor holds 24 Magnets à 3 Rows (72 Magnets 8mm dia. 5mm hight).
Each Row has a 10 degree offset to the next Row.
The Bores for the Magnets are angled 30 degrees.

The Stator holds also 24 Magnets á 3 Rows (same ammount, same size as above).
No offset of Rows. Also 30 degrees angled.

Rotor to Stator Gap: 4mm

You need two bearings (inner dia.: 10mm, outer dia.: 26mm, hight: 8mm), wich can pressed into the Rotor Support. You also need 20 Screws with plastic thread (3 x 12mm) and 144 Magnets 8mm x 5mm round N48, poles on round faces. You have to print 2 pieces of "Lagerbock.stl" and 3 pieces of "Lagerung_Stator.st".

On this Modell you can slide the Stator over the Rotor. Each bore on the Stator has a service bore, which allows you to pry out the magnets to try different patterns.

Sorry, I haven´t found a pattern which works, but with this model you have the ability to make your own research.

If someone found the right pattern, please let me know!!!!

Have fun!!



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Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

Too bad there is not the original. You have to redraw everything to work on rotors / stators. Not worth it. I already have an engine that I will print but has already been tested and works. If I had the original I would rework the spacings and provisions of the magnets but I do not want to rework.

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

okay. Thanks anyway. I will try to see if I can have a demo version of Fusion 3D. Too bad you do not have the original plans for me to work the changes. I use DesignSparkMechanical is it is a great free software. Watch the videos and you will see by roof

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

Yes I understood but I want to know with what software you created the project. It's a shame otherwise because at worst I have one that runs a motor but it will have avoided me to redo your project.

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

With which software did you create Perendev? I would like to see with the design software to make changes on it. Check the angles of the positions of the magnets etc ...

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago


With which software was the design created? With Autocad I can not open it, with SolidWork not terrible because of errors when opening, with DSM (my favorite software) I can not open it, with Glovius I get there but I can not not change.

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago


Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

Hi, ok for your .igs and .stp files. I wait for it. Thank in advance.

Mini 20191005 144401YomGui commented ago

Hi, is it possible to share the design files (Autocad, solidwork, DesignSparkMechanical, etc.) so that we can modify all that and that it works please?

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Review Newton's Laws to understand why you will NEVER find a pattern or combination that works!

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Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

Tested some setups and measured magnetic fields. The whole idea of a magnet motor with only solid and fixed magnets, is wrong.

You can make a wheel in any shape, and with any number of magnets in whatever regular or chaotic order. The whole wheel forms a new and thus static magnetic field. By adding one or more magnets to the setting – in or outside the wheel – after some balancing a new and again static magnetic field exists.

Do not forget that magnetism is only a provider of energy when it changes. Not when it is static.

The only way to have the wheel turn around continuously, is by adding a changing magnetic force. I.e. an electromagnet, or by adding another form of energy like gravity or centrifugal force.

Having tried and tested this, it's on to the bedini motor. Still having fun.

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

I do not think i'll get any result if i simply execute an experiment that has not had any results yet.

Logic tells me that at the point where my wheel reaches its point of balance with the outer magnets, it has to push something else out of balance, which then initiates a complete new cycle.

For that to happen, the wheel needs to use a different power source: gravity, or a switchable electromagnetic field. The latter is what a bedini machine does.

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

Make sure that only one system is working at a time (magnets)

In your case 8 gates and 7 stators.

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

Printing a first experiment now. Simple wheel for eight magnets. Wheel fits on a small electromotor that can also function as generator. Around it ill be setting up three identical magnets on rotating feet.

Plan is: by slowly rotating the wheel and filming and studying the behaviour of the surrounding magnets, finding the point where to induce imbalance.


Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

The key problem is the 3-dimensional orientation of the gates for resolving

the sticking-point resistence movement. The whole system works only in one direction.

You have to use 6 gates and 5 stators.

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

Problem is that there has to be an imballance to keep any motor running. If nothing changes in a situation, a round wheel will always find a point of balance and stop turning at that point.

The only way to get imballance is by changing something. So there has to be an different power that alters the magnetic powers at some point during a single turn of the wheel.

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

OK. There are some video's about this thing, but i do not see the thing running anywhere for a longer periode of time.

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

jeex the last video is only a definition of the system.I have never build such an object.

The designer reveals no other secrets.

Look at all video parts. Specially: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3trEgheZWE

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

With results? Does it work?

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

Principe of my wheel shown in the other post:


Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

As my dearest forced me to take a long, long vacation, i have to kill time with experiments like these. First let me explain:

Off course all these self-running magnet motors – like the one i was making fun of here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUgaFoj1nQs (posted on april 1...) – are scams. They are illusions posted by people who make money with these scams. By selling plans, books etc and by getting endless Youtube hits.

Magnet powered motors are possible, however it's quite some work getting them right. I'm not saying impossible. Magnetism is a permanent power source, so magnet motors are not self-running: they actually have a power source: magnetism.

Then you have the Joule thief. That is a very simple way to raise the voltage of a battery, by changing the lower voltage into a pulsating higher voltage. Like squeezing a water hoze and than letting go, it produces higher voltage with gaps in between.

It uses however the (supposed) bedini principle (based on Lenz 's law based on the fourth law of Maxwell) where a strong counter current arises when an electromagnetic current/field collapses. Bedini gives these counter currens an almost magical strength.

What is possible is the bedini-cole engine. This delivers more power than it uses. But not really. In fact it makes charging batteries more efficient. In that perspective you could say it multiplies energie. But only because loading batteries is done more efficient with pulsating peak energy than by a constant current.

This is the experiment i do want to do. Building a small magnet wheel and building a small bedini engine. My 3D printer comes in very handy in this project. I'll keep you al informed in this thread.

Mini carsten m ller 111Carsten Müller commented ago

Cool video jeex - while watching I though he had placed the batteries into the transistor but putting them into the motor itself was a real great move. This was fun watching.

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

Can't get this wheel out of my head


Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

I've had a working magnet motor based on a simple double spool with one magnet. Much like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUgaFoj1nQs And i was not even killed by Shell or our secret service...

Would like to start a larger project. The one above is not a perpetuum mobile, as making magnets costs as much energy as they deliver.

What i'd like to build is a magnet motor based on the two free energy sources we do have on this earth: gravity and the magnetism of the earth itself. Just for the fun of it.

Mini carsten m ller 111Carsten Müller commented ago

Magnet Motors are a nice waste of time as all electromagnetic toys are. At least you can learn a bit about the conservation of energy or solely have some fun.

But be careful, if you'll find a working configuration, THEY will be after you. I don't really know if they are THEY or they but... they are real. ;)

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

jeex please keep me informed about your experience.

Thx Erich

Mini printbaar logojeex commented ago

I like this project. Will start experimenting with it.

Mini logoErich HaHaOh commented ago

I love Magnet Motors, never build one ..

Is it running? Greetz Erich

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