Make: 2016 3D Printer Shootout Models

These are the test model's used in Make: Magazine's fourth annual 3D printer shootout.


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Each year, Make magazine puts the latest crop of 3D printers through a rigorous set of tests to help determine how they stack up against each other. 2015 marks our fourth year of testing and we have continued to refine the models we use to judge the machines.

You can find out more about Make's 3D printer testing by reading Make Vol 48.

Each of these models is designed to test a different aspect of a FFF/FDM 3D printers performance. For best results print each design individually to prevent interference from other models. Stay tuned for a full guide on how to score these models on your printer at home.

These models are based on the great founding work of Andreas Bastian with his 2015 testing probes

Vertical Surface Finish - Tom Burtonwood
Horizontal Surface Finish - Matt Stultz
Dimensional Accuracy - Matt Stultz
Overhangs - Andreas Bastian
Bridging - Andreas Bastian
Negative Space Tolerance - Andreas Bastian
Retraction - Andreas Bastian
Support Material - Matt Stultz
Z Wobble - Andreas Bastian



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Just FYI, you have a typo in your headline: "models" plural has no apostrophe.

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Here are Google spreadsheets of the test results and printer features:

To sort a spreadsheet by particular columns:

  1. With the mouse, select all columns in rows 4 to the last row with a printer. Be sure to include the bottom row of labels (row 4) in the selected data.

  2. Click Data>Filter views>Create new temporary filter view.

  3. Click the boxed triangle in the column you want to sort and select Sort A->Z for increasing numbers or Sort Z->A for decreasing numbers.

  4. To sort by multiple columns, repeat step 3 doing the least important column first and the most important column last.

When printing a spreadsheet, in the print dialog select "Actual size" and deselect "Fit to page" to make the font bigger and the margins smaller.

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Sweet. Thanks for posting the models.

Just wish this page weren't so browser-printing-hostile. It renders in the most recent Firefox and Chromium browsers on Linux box and in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 but won't print properly from any of them. It wasn't in the zip file either. I ended up cutting and pasting to save the list of settings being used.

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