Makita Hypoid Saw Holder

A holder for Makita hypoid saws such as the 5377MG



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Many hypoid circular saws have a hook to hang the saw by when not in use, but in my opinion those hooks are not very secure (at all) and result in the saw being in a weird position. In addition they generally require two hands to move the hook into position to use, and must be folded out of the way when the saw is in use.

This holder is for a Makita hypoid saw such as the 5377MG, though it might work for other saws. It would probably be relatively easy to customize the design for other saws as well.

This holder is designed to attach underneath or on the side of a job table or saw horse, and is intended to keep the saw accessible (ie, not on the ground) without it being in the way (ie, not on the saw horse or work table), and providing a quick way to "holster" and "unholster" the saw. It is also designed for all the hardware to be flush to avoid things getting hung up while working.

Note that if using a 2 x 4 for the frame of a job table the handle of the saw will stick up above the plane of the top of the table. The holder could fairly easily be modified to keep the handle below the top of the table if desired. I intentionally have the crosspieces of my job table long to provide handles for moving and for holding tools. In practice this holder seems to work quite well.

I made mine from some pieces of scrap 2 x 4 that I laminated together. A piece of 4 x 4 would probably be ideal if you want to make it out of wood. A 3D printed version of this would probably work fine if a person had a printer large enough to print it. If printing it I would use at least three shells, and 20% infill.

In addition to the .stl I have included the .skp at 10x scale to make it easier to modify if desired.

Materials and methods

2 x 4, pine
wood glue
circular or table saw
reciprocating, jig, or band saw
1/4" jobber bit
3/4" spade bit
1 1/4" hole saw
4 - 1/4" x ? hex bolts
8 - flat washers
4 - lock washers
4 - hex nuts



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