Mazda 2 DJ / CX-3 CD Player replacement: Empty slot

If you don't need your CD player (e.g. because you only use USB stick or streaming), this part is an empty slot for small things.


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After I published the center console cover, I got the idea from a Mazda forum (thanks to Gladbacher)
to design an empty slot for the CD player that many car owners never use anyway. I tested it in my Madza2, but it should also fit into the CX-3, people say...

Here's the result. The module consists of several parts:

  • The front with duct
  • Retaining clips at right and left in several thicknesses (tolerance compensation)
  • rear panel
  • optionally with illuminated rear panel: holder for electronics

Combining the parts

The retaining clips (which protrude from the housing) are later available in several thicknesses to compensate tolerances. They clamp behind the console
of the car as the original CD player does with the metal braces. This keeps the module firmly in place. The clamps can be fixed with screws. Use M3x16 and M3x12 screws.
With a file or tape you could compensate tenths of a millimeter, otherwise you have to print the next width of the clip, if you don't get it fitting. You should start with the 4mm version.

Rear panel variations

The rear panel is, in the simplest case, a simple black lid. It should be glued with tape or superglue. As a variant, there is also an illuminated panel, printed with transparent filament. Using WS2812B LED strips and an Arduino nano, fancy light effects can be programmed, e.g. fading in and out in your favourite color of you turn the car on or off. Also a constant white illumination or even a light barrier is thinkable, which lets the light dim up if you grab into the module. A demo video shows the first prototype, in which the color scale is traversed with a small random noise. An Arduino software for more subtle effects may be created later. This also includes another part to hold the electronics, which is then glued behind the transparent lid.

Also thinkable are rear panel variants with dividers, e.g. to hold business cards, park tickets, etc. and smaller compartments for coins and other small stuff.

Printing and mounting

The partitioning into front and rear part facilitates the printing (fewer supports necessary). Besides this, you can easily vary the length of the duct in the slicer software.

The 3D-printed front will probably not harmonize with the cockpit finish. You could try
adhesive foils (such as those 3M Di-Noc (TM) Leather), which reproduce the leather structure of the neighboring plastic. Or you print the front in high quality (face up, 0.4 mm nozzle, 0.1mm layer height) and maybe sand it afterwards.

The upper part of the front should be taped at the back to avoid scratches and vibration noise. The lower part does not lie directly on the center console of the Mazda. You could attach a few millimeters thick black felt sticker on the back (pictures will follw some day).

Infill and material

The front should have an infill which allows the clip screws to get sufficient hold. Such as 30% 3D-honeycomb, if your slicer provides it.

If you want to experiment with the transparent LED backlight, you certainly use clear filament with high printing temperatures. In Prusa Slicer (former Slic3r Prusa edition) you can choose the Archimedean Chords (15%) as infill, which gives a nice spiral light dispersion.

LED stripe

I used a WS2812B LED Stripe with 5V and 16.66mm segment distance. Tell me if you need different distances for your particular stripe. Or, design it for yourself and add it to this project.


  • Add clips in multiple thicknesses
  • Add a rear panel with compartments
  • Get the pin assignment of the CD player plug and make electronics holder and software

PETG or better: ABS

The photo is only a draft print of the front part without back cover, the cables behind it retouched away! It only demonstrates the fit and where to place it!

Materials and methods

PETG or better ABS, 4 Screws



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