Memory Card container (SD(+mini/micro),MS/MSduo/mini,CF)

This is a highly parametrable tube which can store a number of memory cards. The OpenSCAD generator can crate containres for multiple memory card formats (CompactFlash, SD, MemoryStick) with any number of slots.


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Only a few combination are available in STL, the full power of this design lies in the OpenSCAD file taht can be easily customized. Just read the comments in the file carefully and remain in the area that denotes the start and end of the configuration parameters.

Generation of containers via OpenSCAD requires the threads.scad library by Dan Kirshner (

Note that for writing text on the cover, OpenSCAD 2014.QX will be required and the  text module enabled in the settings.

The OpenSCAD programm can handle multiple card formats, like CompactFlash I&II, SD, minSD, microSD and different memory Stick sizes. There is a single variable switching the size (CardType).

Other important parameters are the desired number of card slots, text to be placed on the cover,...

Note that the required slots are placed in a single line with the programm computing the required tube diameter. At some point the diameter becomes such that it could fit additional slots in the other axis. By default the programm will create these slots, but this can be disabled. So, for instance, requesting 8 SD card slots will actually create a container for 10 SD cards (see provided STL file).

The first slot can be configured to have an identification notch (Marker) which allows to identfiy all slots. One usage could be to place free cards in the first slots and full cards at the other end, with at least one empty slot between both groups.



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Oh, that's interesting @spb_ch as this is my design ;-)

And I was not inspired by film cans. I simply wanted a screw-cap, which led to the design.

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Very usefull box for 14 sd cards
Increase the resolution of the threads and the cover.
Mini img 0338Sepio printed this ago
Carousel thumb img 0662
Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Very usefull box for 14 SD cards.
Please increase the resolution of the thread and cover to 360. Ik have changed it in my openscad configuration and the result looks much better.
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