Memory Card Holder

This is a card holder that holds SD, Micro Sd, Sim, Micro Sim and USB Sticks.

For your home

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Holds 9 SD cards, 7 Micros SD Cards, 4 Sim Cards, 3 Micro Sim Cards, 4 USB Sticks.

I designed it for my needs so you can modify it yourself or I could add / Remove slots if there are enough requests. 

If there are problems with the Design please let me know. don't just give a bad star rating so adjustments can be made so everyone benefits.

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The slots for the USB sticks is to small, will not hold a single USB Drive, same with the SD Cards.
Nice concept, but not practical if slots are too small.
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HICTOP RepRap Prusa i3
saves me spending a lot of time looking all over the place for sd cards
no slots for mini sd cards
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