Men's Wallets by XYZ Workshop

Part of the Fashion Suite by XYZ Workshop x Ultimaker.


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The Men's Wallets were designed to make full use of the large printing plate of the Ultimaker 2. Unfortunately due to the size constraints, these wallets are not printable on an Ultimaker Original. 

Recommendations for printing
Temperature - 230°C
Infill - Minimum 50%
Speed- 10-15mm/s
Sliced at 1.5mm
Retraction - Off
Fan- Off
Masking tape on top of heated bed

For more instructions goto:

Fashion Suite details:

Full Fashion Suite
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Women's Clutch:
Men's Wallet:

Ultimaker Story

Materials and methods

Flexible PLA



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Trop bien !

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Printed on:
Ultimaker 2+ Extended
Came out very well. It was the first flex PLA design I printed on the UM2 extended+.
I like the blank designs a lot. It was not very clear for me where I had to glue the tabs. The explanation on instructables helped, but the image was not very clear.
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Aad507e915377369d7f599761e174c44?default=blank&size=40ampirical2016 commented ago

I tried to customize your template per the instructions using Tinkercad. All seemed ok until i started to print. After the 1st layer got laid down everything failed. After analyzing the Tinkercad model and the Cura model, Tinkercad created a bunch of voids where it should have been solid, and basically did not read the .stl file at all, totally messed it up. Going to have to try other software.

Aad507e915377369d7f599761e174c44?default=blank&size=40ampirical2016 commented ago

Good Point

Mini 12505777953 3f0527420a bXYZWorkshop commented ago

@ampirical2016 it is not about sticking to the bed, it is about the final finish on the wallet. If you print on the heated glass bed, 1) you might need abit of force to peel away the print which would lead to some deformation as you peel the flexible material

And 2) if you print directly on glass bed you will get a super shiny surface finish, which personally I think looks funny on a wallet as it makes it look like a plastic toy.

Aad507e915377369d7f599761e174c44?default=blank&size=40ampirical2016 commented ago

Thanks I will try the .8mm nozzle. I have a heated bed that should be good I hope. Can put some glue down as I don't have any tape.

Mini 12505777953 3f0527420a bXYZWorkshop commented ago

Also as recommended in my description, recommend printing onto a layer of masking tape on the bed.. Makes for easier removal and better finish

Mini 12505777953 3f0527420a bXYZWorkshop commented ago

Yes would highly recommend using bigger nozzle.. It makes it easier to print as it would be easier for the material to flow thru However I haven't tried it myself.

Aad507e915377369d7f599761e174c44?default=blank&size=40ampirical2016 commented ago

ok fixed that issue, due you think its safe to print with an .8 nozzle or .6 nozzle to brink the time to print down to less that 7 hours?

Mini 12505777953 3f0527420a bXYZWorkshop commented ago

Hi @ampirical2016 is the view just grey in normal view? Perhaps you forgot to turn off skirt. Because the design maximises the built plate we turn off skirt to do this.

I would highly recommend your bottom an top thicknesses at least 3x your resolution.

I usually print at 100% infill as well.

Aad507e915377369d7f599761e174c44?default=blank&size=40ampirical2016 commented ago

I am having trouble with settings

Layer Height: .06mm

Shell thickness: 0.4mm

Bottom/Top Thickness: 0.6mm

Fille Density: 50%

Print Speed: 10 mm/s

Nozzle: 0.4

I look the layers view mode and there is nothing. What am i missing?


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