Mendel90 e3d v6 bowden setup

A modified X carriage, hotend mount and fan duct for the e3d V6 bowden mounted on a Mendel 90. The x carriage also works for the Kraken.

3D printer parts and enhancements


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Part of the ongoing developments to upgrade the Mendel90 Lasercut to a bowden machine with 1-5 extruders.

Materials and methods

As per the original mendel90 carriage, fan and extruder pcb. All the vitamins from the original design should be able to be re-used.



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Ad99985f4c74d913c2760c94b22d2a67?default=blank&size=40Daniel Miller commented ago

What is actually holding the extruder in place? Is it just friction against the D Bracket? Or does the X Carriage press it into place somehow?

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